Daspain offers possibility of hiring a real estate Personal Broker. We offer a personalised service aimed to defend the interests of the buyer. We take care of finding your new home or your next investment, tailored maid based on your demand. This type of service is highly effective , pin dot your targets of interest.

Our system of work will give you the following benefits:

Time Saving. Your Real Estate Personal Broker will make a preselection of properties, He will personally visit them before hand and in case he sees that the property is suitable to your demand , he will will prepare a complete report with photos, maps and videos of the property in hand.

Avoid unpleasant surprises.
The Personal Broker checks all relating documentation of the property,
Check the status of load, arrendatico state, community debts, urban conditions, servitude and other charges and obligations that may have the property, all this to avoid an extra cost.

Saving money. The Personal Broker will compare the prices of real estate in the area and negotiate the best possible price for your future property. Negotiating the price is an art, your Personal Broker perfectly knows the rules of negotiation. You will be very happy with the result. 

Manage funding. The Personal Broker is responsible for finding the best way to finance your property. You do not have queues at the bank requesting information. Your broker will handle all the paperwork mortgage for you.

Accompanied by professionals. Your Personal Broker will accompany you throughout the sale process, answer all your questions, personally accompany you to the notary, at all time you feel not alone and professionally supported.

For more information on services and rates of Personal Estate Broker Please feel free to You can contact us.