Daspain, a trade mark name of our company - Dorys Agency Spain SL, legally registered in the Commercial Register of Barcelona, operates in the real estate Spanish market since 2006. From the beginning, our company is well known for professionalism, transparency and highly effective service to our selected clients. 

Daspain acts as an intermediary in real estate and finance world. Our commitment to the clients is on the highest level, we always seek maximum satisfaction for our clients, on an absolute professionalism and honesty you can find in the market. We defend the interests of our customers  buyers ^ sellers with loyalty, dealing with the property like we would be the owners. You will represent you as a buyer or seller before the city hall, banks & state ministries. 

Our values:

  • Daspain believes in Business ethics in all areas, such as our clients, employees, partners and other professionals. 
  • Daspain give and ask for Transparency in all business and financial aspects, such as power of attorney, money investments , to be able to meet our clients expectations.
  • Daspain acts in the highest confidence for our buyers and sellers
  • Daspain apply a personalised assistance to each customer. Every client for us is unique, which has different needs and different way of looking at life ! 
  • Daspain is comprehensive professional company , that consultancies are depending on customer considered desire .